awesome ladies of supernatural:
        ↳ joanna beth harvelle

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Happy Birthday Jensen! ♥
March 1st, 1978

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woah I’m actually kind of mad at Jared for making all these Justin Bieber jokes I mean he’s a father and even if he’ll probably raise his children differently he can’t ever know if they won’t get a mental illness too once they’re in Justin’s age and mocking him like this really isn’t the right way to treat a boy, regardless of his illnesses or not… v disappointed and tired of it




#maybe there will come a day when i won’t feel obligated to reblog this immediately

but not today

hottest thing on the planet

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jesus christ tag your porn


jesus christ tag your porn

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my hobbies include pausing supernatural (i swear to god this is a serious shows, these guys stopped the apocalypse)

I thought i was bad

This made my night/morning. xD

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weechesters meme ♚  quotes [2/5]
          ↳"I’m gonna rip his lungs out."

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